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Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors

A Studio Companion: Fourth Edition (4.0.1)

by Rosette Gault

Ideal for ceramic sculptors who require more creative time and less drying or firing time and expense. Work wet to dry, fast fire, single fire and more. Q & A for beginner-K12 to advanced makers. Hand build, cast or throw on wheel including sculpture, bas relief, murals, scale models, mixing, firing or non-fire. 142 pp. 280 BW illustrations to get ideas, Index, in continuous print but updated since 1993. Published by New Century Art Books.

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  1. A Potential for Paperclay as Porous Water Filters: An Artist’s View 

  2. The potential for porous ceramic paperclay to lower costs of domestic water filtration in developing countries is discussed, with an artist’s view toward filters that are as easy to use, and to look at, as they are multi-purpose and eco-friendly. Article reprint collection of articles published  2011-2012 as an impetus for further research ahead. Sustainable Ceramic Art and Design Symposium, City of Gothenberg, Sweden, Journal: Ceramics Technical, Exhibit at Seattle Tacoma Airport 2012.

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The New Ceramics Paperclay Art and Practice

by Rosette Gault

Survey best practices and innovation by artists worldwide.  Most works would be impossible to build by traditional clay method. Save time and money on drying and firing. Mixed media non fire options. Figure Sculpture, tile and wall installation, wheel, handbuilt, and more.  All color 160 pp. fully illustrated in color with contributions from artists worldwide.

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  1. Innovation in Paperclay Ceramic Arts, Ph.D

  2. Formal academic documentation of innovation, events, research, including background and history of international development of paperclay ceramics prior the internet- as it correlates to advance in pulp and paper from antiquity to leading to 2013. Citation of Gaults contribution and influence on subsequent international innovation, research ahead.  Abstract and Summary

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