Who is Elegore?

When Elegore (pronounced el-eh-gor) comes visible with music inside Posy's newest painting, the young artist does her best to supply all the magic markings s/he asks for. Before long, they make friends.
Who does s/he belong to? Where is s/he from? Does s/he bring good luck?  Posy plans to introduce Elegore to her younger sister Belle who is still away in a hospital.
Suddenly, Elegore crawls out of the picture without saying goodbye. The painting isn't finished. A search is on.
The following summer Posy revisits the treehouse art studio in seaside nature preserve to pick up where she left off and Belle finds a way to join the fun. If Elegore made it through winter would s/he remember being born? Playful hints are everywhere. Even so, Elegore turns up in midst of a risky adventure out in the wild below and the kids wonder how to help.
Posy and Belle will return home with secrets of friendship, love, music and art. Like the best fairy tales, this book has many layers of meaning. Both young and old will find new truths and insights here.
This illustrated meeting of artist lore with nature, features more than 114 monochrome plates, map, and glossary in 36 chapters and 304 pages.
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