Cover Art detail of work contributed by Nuala O'Donavan, Ireland with permission. Cover Design by Rosette.
Inspiration from the paperclay artist community.
This art book contains approximately 100 color works contributed by world artists for the book Paperclay Art and Practice 2014. My editor at the time felt learners of paperclay needed how-to pictures in the mix. So it was a vast number of worthy finished work was excluded.
Thus publication was postponed. Its time will come.
With your support we can add to it today. Surely there is even more amazing work that will inspire advance in the field of paperclay and of ceramics in general.
I was so impressed with these works and the visions which document an expansions of global awareness and thought we are in the midst of.  I  able to organize and layout the book but  it is paused the copy proof stage. Each caption must be triple checked for accuracy which will involve hours and hours of further labor  Color print art books are expense to produce and even more so to buy. Would it ever recoup its costs?
Financial support to fund an intern and professional help would allow me to complete this book sooner rather than later. If anyone reading this knows of funding source or who would help with a crowdfunding campaign. Please let me know. 

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