A coastal trail leads a child named Posy to a treehouse where she paints a friendly turtle to give her sister Belle. The turtle has big dreams and extraordinary friends who search for a Realm with creative culture so secret almost no one believes it exists.
Despite riddles and art mysteries to solve, the children dare to follow and learn magic along the way. Life changed for the better ever after.
The illuminated journey is told from a child's-eye view with touches of humor by visionary Rosette Gault. Savor nearly 150 color plates/photos, map, lore, 36 chapters set by a nature preserve near Fortune's Rocks, Maine, 304 pages and media tie-in delight the soul of any age. ISBN 978-1-952060-11-3.
Selections from readers comments so far. 
This story changed my definition of magic.
Dwellers in the Realm dared me to forget them.  I lost that bet.
There is no book to compare. If you mix the best of Emily Carr’s Book of Small, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and the Disney movie Fantasia, be careful.
Utopia? Nirvana? Heaven outta bounds? Antidote? No art book like this has been possible to write, much less to tell or to read until now.
LInk to Bookstore, Giftstores, or Art Museum as of June 22, 2022. 
ISBN: 978-1-952060-20-5 LARGE PRINT  Family Edition of Realm (8 x 10.4 in) 304 p. USD 99.99 USD by special order.
ISBN: 978-1-952060-10-6  First Edition First Printing All Color 120 Plates Limited Edition Signed and Numbered with Dust Jacket while supplies last,  BY ORDER on the artists newsletter  2022. $149.99 USD
The special edition release will be available FIRST to the members of my private newsletter not in stores 
ISBN: 978-1-952060-17-5 Friends of the Realm COLORING BOOK (8.5 in x 11 in, 24p ) Beloved characters from the Realm Elegore, Beau, Puff and friends join a shapeshifter dance called the Morfaletta. $11.99 USD  
wanderlust, summer; art; music; nature; magic turtle; owl; Fortune’s Rocks; Maine; fantasy; diversity;  multicultural; generational; lore; media-tie in; vacation; artist’s childhood memoir, magical realism; families, beach; treasure; treehouse; values; virtues; faith; trust; empathy; compassion; Posy’s; Posy, Rosette Gault 
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