Rosette Gault photo of sandy  beach path with wild roses

Ancient path to the ocean through a coastal nature preserve in Maine.

Art, music, and nature beckon. Game on!

When fresh-made artworks come to life, children find themselves learning magic in the midst of an artist’s rescue and whodunnit full of riddles to solve. One-of-a-kind journey for artists of any age.
By the time the children return to ordinary reality for a family vacation cookout, they have treasure to share.
A light-hearted expedition to creative culture by world known visionary Rosette Gault inspired by nature with touches of Maine humor includes more than 150 artworks, photos, map, lore, 304 p., 36 chapters with media-tie-in.
Fair Warning:  Overgrownups, killjoys and sourpuss' may never be amused.

Illuminated Chapter Book
Selections from readers comments so far. 
This story changed my definition of magic.

Dwellers in the Realm dared me to forget them.  I lost that bet.
There is no book to compare. If you stir the spirit of Crockett Johnson's Harolds Purple Crayon, Emily Carr’s Book of Small, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and the Disney movie Fantasia, be careful.
 No art book like this has been possible to write, much less to tell, or to read, until now.​​​​​​​
I used to make art and music as a child until life's distractions got in the way. This tale reconnected me to some timeless beautiful places I love.
Anytime is good to take a childhood vacation or wander a coastal nature preserve.
An artist view of friendship and transformation.
wanderlust; magic; Posy’s; Posy, Rosette Gault, Maine, turtle, summer; vacation; painting; music; nature; treehouse;  star map; terrapin; Pleiades; owl; Fortune’s Rocks; fantasy; diversity;  multicultural; generational; lore; media-tie in; mystical realism; family; beach; treasure; values; virtues; faith; trust; empathy; compassion;
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