It's summer vacation near Fortune's Rocks, Maine, a new day and a fresh page. Posy longs to help her sister Belle to get a cure from something the grownups called Quarantine so she can come play.
A search leads to an illuminated homeland Realm of all possibilities with new friends, language, culture, and lore. There, a team of supernatural messengers solve love stories and save lives through music and art. Before long Posy and her sister Belle are caught in a web of magic.  
Posy will return to ordinary reality with a twinkle in her eye and her sister Belle brings evidence of recovery that no killjoy or orvergrownup can deny.
Like the best fairy tales, this visit to the studio of world known artist and visionary Rosette Gault features more than 114 original illustrations in color, map, and lore 36 chapters and 304 pages. First artist signed artist collectors edition, first printing is in final preparation.  First edition second printing will follow. 
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