A Studio Companion: Fourth Edition (4.0.1) DIGITAL 
Step through the "invisible walls of fear" in ceramics. Question and Answer format with my original sketches for those who wonder what paperclay practice has to offer.
Ideal for ceramic sculptors who require more creative time and less drying or firing time and expense. Work wet to dry, fast fire, single fire and more. Q & A for beginner-K12 to advanced makers. Hand build, cast or throw on wheel including sculpture, bas relief, murals, scale models, mixing, firing or non-fire. 142 pp. 280 BW illustrations to get ideas, Index, in continuous print but updated since 1993. Published by New Century Art Books.
DIGITAL E-PDF  978-0-9825736-7-9 available $12 USD Digital Order (679) vIa PayPal which has arrangements for international orders. When the email notice from PayPal comes back to me I will send you the secure download link during normal business hours Pacific Time or sooner. Rosette
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