More than 100 self-Directed Visual Themes for Art Projects, Art Courses, Home School or Independent Learner with Modeling, Handbuilding, or Wheel Pottery with Clay, Paperclays or Mixed Media.
224 illustrated pages monochrome
Favorite illustrated prompts for assignments from Dr. Rosette Gault's art, sculpture and design courses beginner to advanced. 
From a lump of clay we begin. A flip book encyclopedia of Rosette's all time favorite ceramic and fine art history sketches to pick form and adapt!.  After a few handbuilding basics like pinch pot, coil and how to make joins, proceed to tiles... to game board pieces, ornaments, scale models, and much more. Figures...faces, eyes, etc are there for the artists whether 2D or 3D. Mind of the Craftsman is a whole chapter just specifically regards pottery form on the wheel. Get inspired by masters work from prehistory cave art and clay to contemporary culture and travel the world learning by hand which is a non verbal cross language way to appreciate the culture like no other. The book closes with advanced conceptual questions, avatars and themes to springboard into science and vision. Most worlds solutions have come in visions, dreams and by hand modeling prototypes first. Scan your models into the computer after. The earth is in your hands ready to serve your highest and best ideas. 
Teachers/Parents/Self Directed Learners typically select 1 to 6 challenges per semester.  These ideas that opened mind to the wealth of hand work and imagination in the world that's always available.
 If you try every theme- at your own pace, you'll have been to art school in your own way with your muse in the lead. This is a natural path to mastery in ceramic art and design and understanding world cultures, art history, humanities and more.
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