The new ceramics: Paperclay Art & Practice by Rosette Gault
See inspired visions never possible to make before that have emerged from the hands of a new generation of artists worldwide.  Paperclay: Art and Practice is an essential and comprehensive source book. 160 pages, color throughout.
English speaking world and now translated to simplified Chinese- scroll down see below. An earlier edition of Paperclay by was published in English (AC Black -Bloomsbury, Upenn, Sydney) and translated to German by Haupt.
“Even after working in the ceramics industry for many years I found many things in this book to be of interest and use. Throughout I found it to be both informative and very thorough in its approach.
The use of paperclay as a sculptural medium is both advantageous and exciting. A very attractive book and one every serious ceramic practitioner should have on the bookshelf.
” –  Alan Parris, Co-Director Aylesford Pottery, Kent UK, Aylesford School of Ceramics Newsletter
Paperclay changed my life.... Read more love letters about paperclay.
List Price: Retail UK: £19.99 | AUS: $29.95 | ISBN 978-1-4081-3120-6
In North America
UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) Press |  ISBN 978-0-8122-2241-8  USD: $28.95
Chinese simplified translation by Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers ( with color.  ISBN 978-7-5478-5732-8  (see below)
Link to Artist Contributors to the book Thank you to everyone who has been part of the worlds largest field study and who took time to open doors in their countries! 
Acknowledgements and Notes Below from 2014
HUGE Thank you to more than 300 artists worldwide most of whom are listed on the link who contributed to this book and to Gayle St. Luise and Greg Funk who assisted behind the scenes with a dedicated demo space, photography as well as me keeping track of the files  the old fashioned way! I had overflow of awesome work that had to be processed- and will keep your beautiful work in mind for another chance to publish it. Publishers wanted more how-to pictures to be substituted in with the art pictures...- as the book had to be practical first.
Despite best efforts....Technical Errata for the first printing 2013 of this book (decimal points in some recipes...) were corrected in second printing 2014. If you by chance have 2013 edition-​​​​​​​ Test suggested recipe adaptations to your local clay/paperpulp there as normal for ceramic practice and review the rationale explained so you can fix it yourself. Despite best efforts- and careful editing under deadline pressure all we could do was reprint. 
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