Cover Art:  Heart Connection, life scale porcelain paperclay by Rosette Gault (2019) Photo by Artist.
Update on the project as of Feb 14, 2022
 Ever since potters and hand-builders touched clay they have yearned to tame it. It's kept a faithful imprint of some of the highest and best accomplishments from the hand of man through history. Clay is evidence of human imagination and vision as well as are record of beauty to behold today. 
Your guide, Rosette Gault begins a story of a faithful and ancient friend of humanity known as the clay particle in the potter's hand, in the mason's brick and a thousand and one forms. She brings an artist's- scientist-researcher perspective through the lens of advances in understanding paperclay at the nano-level also.
Gault is world known in ceramics for contributing a most practical innovation in paperclay studio methods which freed sculptors, potters, artists and makers from "the invisible walls of fear" during creation process (ie manufacture), saving fuel in firing, time in drying and other advantages that enabled artists to win awards and commissions worldwide for the execution of visions which would be impossible in other media.
ISBN 978-1-952060-02-1
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