Ph.D National Centre for Glass and Ceramic at the University of Sunderland, England UK
Approximately 85% of the 13O most common methodologies in ceramic practice were changed as a result of Gault's published seminal research. Her vision of the potential of paperclay ceramic in service to development sustainable ceramics inspired a wealth of advance and contribution by artists who adopted and adapted with clays and papers in their own countries.  Her broad and far reaching vision includes applications beyond the field of art in to medicine, nano-porous materials, way to regulate and design interior architecture within laminates for either structure, refractory or filtration, even bone replacement, and and more. Scholar will find a wealth of research background to save hours of time and money during R&D. $10.00 
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Utube video give peek inside cross section of paperclay before during and after fire then see how fluid (in this case water but it could be air) flows through it and what happens to the microbes and viruses along the way. What happens next may or may not surprise you. This is an artist vision of a dynamic process which in fact will one day be even more understood. No real instruments used to exist but modeling tools do now.
This simple principle been "planted in mass consciousness" for years but the nano-vision was missing. May it continue to serve all mankind as avisual catalyst to trigger further contribution, imagination and investigation. 
GIANT HINT- my spotlight of awareness-  LOOK inside. This is real homework ahead. Are you feeling a call to help a research initiative?  Urgent results of tests for public health needed since COVID19. It would be irresponsible of me not to do all I can to encourage research that would be accessible in the public domain so our best and brightest youth get access to it QUICK! Meanwhile I'm working on the manuscript for Healing Clay and available for questions, consults and master class if need be.
 (Below logo link for the new methods- 85% of the old rules of traditional ceramic were changed- provided tech support inspiration and guidance for teachers and learners- K-12 to advanced worldwide since 1994) 
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